Formed in 2019, Bound by Endogamy is a duo made up of Kleio Thomaīdes and Shlomo Balexert, both prominent figures in the Geneva squat/punk scene. Described as an amalgation of DAF and Kleenex with a hardcore edge their recent debut album is an impressive showing clearly demonstrating their passion for underground electronic music.

Hubert Zemler's stripped down mechanics and the erratic electronics of Felix Kubin dovetail superbly in their joint test laboratory of CEL. Their creations permuated by a concentrated unrest, some close to bursting their banks whilst others scale the loftiest heights of insanity. And yet – every movement, every tone fits perfectly. There is method to the madness, an exercise in systematic excess.

With synth bassline arpeggios and live percussions, noise and congas, industrialism and tribalism, Italian and Spanish, Dame Area have developed an artistic identity that embraces influence yet eschews compromise. Across three albums and several EPs for the likes of Mannequin, B.F.E, Kess Kill and their own cult imprint / DIY organization Māgia Roja, the duo embody an eclectic, discerning form of contemporary industrial music.

Based in Los Angeles, Ami Komai and Nate Donmoyer make up the unmistakeable duo of Kumo 99. Their mosh pit-inducing post-rave protest songs and unrelenting jungle breakbeats somehow provide the perfect bearer for the emotive Japanese vocal performance of Komai. Coming hot of the release of their third album 'Headplate' we are excited to let them loose on the Swedish countryside this August. - Post-national, apocalypse-adjacent, lo-tech love songs for the digital native.

Producer and versatile composer Monikaze, signed with UK label Moshi Moshi Records has supported acts such as Caribou, Algiers and Dopplereffekt. Her music is described as avant-pop, combining her raw and manipulated vocals with different electronic and acoustic textures, which are often inspired by genres such as IDM, electronica, jazz or instrumental works by post-minimalist composers.

A stupid smile with blood in the mouth - A crunchy cocktail of social clichés - The fragility of fluffy reality - etc.

Spader Kung has emerged as a prominent force in the Malmö music scene, gracing club stages and intimate punk venues alike. Finding their niche at the intersection of classic Swedish punk and post-punk, with an unapologetic embrace of darkness in both lyrics and music. Fearlessly exploring the bowels of existence fueled by their own introspective journeys. With an explosive yet vulnerable stage presence the trio has evoked a range of emotions from jubilations to tears or/and combinations thereof.

Based in Antwerp, brothers Jan and Sis just released their third album 'Want' by way of esteemed Amsterdam imprint Knekelhuis. Nine songs that chronicle a lifetime of kinship, echoes of familiar musical pasts with hungry eyes on unknown pleasures. A dusty dreamscape of endless conversation sung in unison, through lyrics guarded and private, yearning for connection. An album as a trail of echoes, with reverb and vocoded space shaped and pitched along the way, stretching curiosity to syncopated rhythm tracks with playful patience and persistence.

From the rolling Swedish countryside comes a one-of-a-kind mix of social realism and synth-pop. Virtual Voices has eleven albums to their name and has no intention of slowing down. At all. Frontman Fredrik "Lazzo" Larsson and crew brings to stage a blend of high paced energy and a stream of swift analogue melodies from another world. A unique Virtual Voice in today's vast musical landscape.

Born in fire and tempered in the batcaves and warehouse raves of Berlin, Johannes Stabel brings a leather-wrapped hammer to gothic nightlife. Foretold as a torrent of raw emotion and relentless force, his fourth album 'Schrank' puts the Schwarz in Schwarzenegger with modern hardbody beats and burly bass lines dominating faint chords of 1980's dark romanticism.

More to be announced.