Celldöd is the Stockholm based producer Anders Karlsson. He's been active in the music scene for some time working on different musical projects, always with a strong D.I.Y. ethic. As Celldöd, he's released several cassettes under his own label Brutal Disciplin and has also released records on Suction Records, Kess Kill, Medical Records and Femur Records. In 2017 he released an album under the name Vargdöd on Opal Tapes together with Swedish techno artist Varg. Anders hardware driven sound has evolved over time now personifying finely sharpened EBM and techno crossover of the highest calibre. Since the celldöd live debut at Kalabalik på Tyrolen 2014 he's become a major export performing regularly around Europe and beyond.


Europ Europ is a trio hailing from Oslo, Norway. Creating pre-fashion, post-contemporary noise-pop since 1996. Never in an average way or a predictable manner. This is industrial music as it should sound, never dark in a gothic kind of way, never weak dance music in a new school kind of way, and without getting lost in noise just for the sake of noise. The music is ritual and tribal and performed like an occult rite. And yet it is also contemporary experimental pop music… sort of…


HATARI is an Icelandic multimedia performance project that unveils the relentless scam that is everyday life. Awarded "Best Live Band" by The Reykjavík Grapevine for two consecutive years, with the panel stating that "their brutality is matched only by their mystery". The trio took the local scene by storm at Iceland Airwaves 2016, drawing attention not only to their music but also their explosive performance, where the likes of The Guardian stated: "You don't know whether to laugh or alert the authorities". Consequence of Sound recently defined the project as “part David Lynch nightmare, part goth dress-up party and part industrial love letter, HATARI are a sight to behold.” For the first time in history HATARI will deliver their unrivaled blast of bondage-pop, techno-punk and industrial-goth outside of Iceland at Kalabalik 2018.

M. (NL)

Running Enfant Terrible and sublabels since 2004 with 100% DIY ethics. One of the first labels to give recognition and attention to the pioneers of minimal electronics / proto-elektro / avant-garde pop / experimental pop from the early 1980's. Also one of few labels in this field of music that truly invests in the development of new talents. With single editions on vinyl only and a selection of sounds ranging from elektro-wave and dark techno to ambient, post-industrial and noise-pop. M. has been organizing events and spinning records since 1999, starting out as a new wave dj, playing EBM, elektro-wave and new beat ever since.


Hailing from Minsk, the capital and most populous city Belarus, Molchat Doma is a three piece post punk outfit. Their debut “S Krish Nashih Domov” or “From the Roofs of our Houses” is a lo-fi, Eastern European take on an expert blend of post punk, new wave and synth pop, with just a dash of 80's style darkwave for good measure. This Molchat Doma sound is a virtuoso mix of dreary Alphaville synthwork, schizophrenic New Order drums with darker, even more reverberating New Order vocals and the most nostalgic strings of The Cure – peppered with a robust personality of all three and steeped in unknown eastern vibes that could only originate from soviet-era synth influences.


Probably the best way to describe the music by Monocorpse is to call it post-techno or doom techno. The beats are stripped to the bone, primitive and hypnotic, padded with dark synth sounds creating a ritual experience. Moody and haunting music that would fit perfect as soundtrack to any thriller or psychological drama. His third EP 'The Comfort of Stangers' was released earlier this year on Enfant Terrible sublabel Gooiland Elektro and is the perfect backdrop for a post-apocalyptic dance floor.


Position Parallèle is a French minimal synth project by Geoffroy Delacroix (known also for Dernière Volonté) and one of the first acts to play our festival back in 2011. Since then he released two full lenght albums showcasing his mastery of melodic, danceable, electronic pop music. Returning to Sweden this year as a trio including DA of Luminance with a new EP coming up on Tesco Germany this fall.


Roberto Auser is known for his wide range of sounds with releases on Viewlexx, Pinkman, his own Ausland label. He is also part of Kaval, a duo released on sublabel Vrystaete. Ranging from italo disco inspired electro to exotica and dark jazz influenced electronics his production is always on point. With the “Faceless Future” LP released on Enfant Terrible in 2016 he created an old school minimal elektro record done with analogue synths and an industrial post-punk attitude. Latest release on Pinkman takes him more in the direction of thick sounding dutch elektro acid.


As with many of the artists connected to Enfant Terrible, Sololust is a master of many disciplines. Equally good at creating pounding dark elektro, techno influenced minimal electronic and truly excellent synth pop gems. He sounds like the bastard love child of Jim Morrison jamming with Porn.Darsteller and backed by the band of Q Lazarus on electronic instruments. In the end all of his music is quite melancholic, no matter if it is a pounding dance floor track or an eerie minimal synth tune.


Dutch synth duo Staatseinde stripped down through the years from a band to a duo and with this the sound evolved as well. The songs have become more up-tempo, louder, more beat orientated, more dance floor minded. Their 'Neue Holländische Welle' is influenced by bands such as El Aviador Dro and Welle: Erdball and fuses a punky 80's vibe with modern sounding synthesizers and the occasional EBM influence. Staatseinde just released a 11-track cassette on their own label 'Ende Der Zukunft Recordings' featuring collaborations with Sololust, Lovaratrax, Arpatle, Butsenzeller and dutch poet Wout Waander.


TWINS / That Which Is Not Said is a solo project of Matt Weiner, known also for his Featureless Ghost project and of course as the head of DKA Records, releasing acts such as Celldöd, Sally Dige, Multiple Man and Boy Harsher among others. TWINS is not limited to one specific style but the dominant characteristic is the synth driven sound, influenced by various styles of dance music and a healthy dose of arty post-punk. Releasing a brand new album 'That Which Is Not Said' on May 4 featuring his signature blend of styles, re-releasing the brooding minimalism of 'Stuck', originally released on his mini-LP 'Rather Not' via Enfant Terrible.


Vanligt Folk is a trio formed in Gothernburg, with members spread out over Scandinavia. Their unconventional style of music gathers influences in genres such as punk, dub, techno, synth, hambo, indie and other forms of subcultural pop music. They are one of the best live bands our Scandinavian scenes has on offer with an explosive amount of energy on stage. This spring they are set to release the new EP "Svenskbotten" and later in the fall another one by way of Kesskill/Kontra Musik.


Villes Nouvelles is a cold wave / post-punk band formed 2010 in Paris, France by Anne F. (all lyrics, vocals, bass, guitar, synths) &
Sébastien M. (synths, drums, noises). Originally named 'Chambre Froide', the band has released their debut EP "Smiling Faces" in June 2012 and the following year, in December 2013, the LP "Nothing But Puppets". At the moment the band is working on their 3rd album "At The End Of Truth" to be released in the summer of 2018.


The first bass hit on Edmonton, Alberta duo Visitor’s EP 'E.B.E.' brings the spirit of EBM at the turn of the ‘90s to the present day. With striking similarities to the metallic music of Lassigue Bendthaus and Leæther Strip’s debut LP. 'E.B.E.' sounds like a long-lost classic. It boasts the audible tension of classic EBM; “God of All Flesh” is thick with bliss, featuring all of the genre’s foremost traditional elements—angular basslines and an orchestra of clangs and crashes—intensified by growling vocals (“Terror, misery, misery”).


Virtual Voices (und die mofajungs) is an ever-evolving synthpop act providing alcohol hazed spitze-synthpop depicting the hardships of everyday life. Nowadays, the band can't usually gather all original members, and a few mofajungs has been following them since a terrible roadtrip from Ibiza and usually harass their gigs. Since their last gig, Rövar-Albin had been stealing all their synthesizers so the music sounded even worse. Hopefully, Lazzo might get one synthesizers bought back from the black market so Virtual Voices und die mofajungs once again can play.


Words and Actions was formed in Italy and now based in Berlin. Coldwave, old school ebm and synth-punk are the main influences. “Pensieri di nessuno” is the latest, most personal and mature work of singer and musician Davide Lace, in which the gloominess of French coldwave meets the energy and minimalism of the German old school EBM and the charm of the Yugoslavian darkwave. The Italian lyrics give a further touch of exoticism and mystery. Low-fi sounds, xerox graphics cassette tapes and VHS videos hold up the raw image of this project whose loyalty to 80s DIY underground post punk is undeniable.

More to be announced, approximately 25 live acts in total.