Hailing from the Netherlands, Edwin van der Velde (Zwarte Poëzie) and Maria Karssenberg has made a big splash with the freshly started project Bragolin. Infusing a concoction of post-punk and dark wave with baritone guitar and organs to great effect. Their debut album 'I saw nothing good so I left' was released in in March 2018 to much acclaim and has already landed the duo numerous shows across Europe. We're proud to present their first ever show in Sweden this summer.


Energetic synth wave duo Distel consists of synthesist/vocalist Æter and visual artist Tereza. Formerly known for their distinct flavour of angst pop, the long-awaited second album 'Wapens' meant an intense sonic metamorphosis for the band. The resulting coercive monolithic synth stompers, or 'dark.NRG' as they call it themselves, borrow from 90s dark rave, choir music and early experimental new wave, but in such a way that they've managed to converge on something unexpected, dark and fresh. Distel live shows feature a vast visual narrative that combines the materiality of frail soil and fabric with projections of abstract and monumental vistas.


Isotropía is a rare collaboration between Keren Batok from Zugdidi, Georgia and Angel Kauff from Mexico city. Together they create rough, bass driven post-punk accentuated by the witching haunts of Keren using the magic of online file transfer. This summer they are working to release their second album and will meet eye to eye for the very first time as they prepare for their debut live show to take place at Kalabalik.


Russian born, Berlin based Daria Leere has been focusing on her solo career since disbanding dark wave-duo Monowelt. 'Fragmented Identity' is the title of the newly released debut album, blending rough synthpunk and NDW-influences with cold wave pop and metallic clanging. Dry drum machine patterns and analogue synthesizers interplay with clever use of field recordings and the multilanguage voices of Daria and guests.


Jemek, reborn Satanist and freshly baptized demon, travels with you through the nine circles of hell, takes you into his satanic family and shows you the treasures of the occult worldview. He brings you to the brink of human existence. He fucks your darkest fantasies. He preaches the mantra of sex and lust, of the wolf in sheep's clothing, of the young goddess who springs from a hellish vagina. The wildest, most opulent dance party sound, united with the darkest, deepest rhythmic drives of humanity. Antichrist, haram and non-kosher. DANCE THE SATAN!


We're stoked to announce the return of Minuit Machine! Amandine Stioui and Hélène de Thoury (Hante.) are back in the studio, getting ready to present all new material and making a long awaited return to the scene. Having released two fantastic albums in the years of 2014-2015. We're already longing to once again hear the fragile but powerful voice of Amandine complement Hélène's dark and scenic electronic soundscapes.


Realised in the void of a creative break from the saluted Malmö post-punk outfit RA, guitarists Felix and Martin went on a separate journey with Need for Speed. As a duo they combine elements of romantic new wave with comtemporary pop hooks to create an elegant mixture that smells of endless summer nights and the darkness they might inherit. Currently the duo is getting set to release their first full lenght album produced in collaboration with Johan T. Karlsson (Familjen).


Joining us from Mexico city, Angel Kauff aka Stockhaussen is a one man minimal synth act gearing up to release his fourth album. Known for his involvement in projects like Frío i Vacío and Isotropía as well as collaborations with Rational Youth, Sólveig Matthildur and Lynette Cerezo (Bestial Mouths) among others, Kauff is a busy, multitalented composer and musician visiting Sweden for the first time this summer.


Belarus party post-punk masters Super Besse has been one of favorite acts since they formed and we fail to understand why it took this long for us to invite them. High energy dance punk at it's very finest.

"The main thing about Super Besse is that it's nonsense and that we don't follow the mainstream – we love France, we sing in Russian and play gigs in Europe with a powerful punk spirit at our shows and coldwave synth sounds in our songs. We try to mix it all."


Since first joining forces in 2014, hardware freak Parrish Smith and former punk activist Mark van de Maat (founder of Amsterdam’s admirable Knekelhuis label) have earned a reputation for delivering the kind of incendiary live shows that were once the preserve of British multi-media mavericks such as Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle. With Smith working a range of hardware gear and van de Maat adding forthright vocals, the duo has struck up a rapport with live audiences across Europe and beyond. Mutilating and manipulating their songs on the fly, Volition Immanent takes no prisoners in pursuit of artistic expression.

More acts to be announced, about 20 in total