Bestial Mouths is led through shrieking tempests and wraithlike wails by Lynette Cerezo, who summons haunting tales into existence, conjuring an in-your-face experience both visually and sonically, equally across stages and records. Their bewitching live performances take audiences on a dialectical journey juxtaposing consciousness with the unconscious, as she expresses her soul-shaking visions with anecdotal abstractions from her personal past with the darkest depths of the human condition. Having finished an extensive North American tour this spring surrounding the remix album "(still) heartless", Bestial Mouths will return to Europe this summer.


German trio Die Selektion performed at our festival as early as 2012, not long after releasing their self titled debut album. Now they are finally about to unleash their long awaited second LP "Deine Stimme Ist Der Ursprung Jeglicher Gewalt" on acclaimed [aufnahme+wiedergabe] and return to Sweden once again. Keeping the foundations of their well established energetic and trumpet driven sound they have brought it to the next level with more refined production and diverse arrangements.


Berlin-based duo of writer Stine Omar and producer Max Boss, who place the deadpan delivery of riddling rhymes atop synthetic post-Eurodance beats, distilled into bleak minimalism. For some highly erotic, for others purely asexual, Easter’s music channels the gentle embrace of crisis, like the moisturizing effects of puffy clouds against your skin as Earth’s gravitational pull beckons.Easter’s sonic identity is bolstered by a playfully clinical visual language – their 15 self-directed music videos show the sophisticated DIY aesthetic they have crafted, equally suitable for laptop screens as in white cubes.


Formed in 2013 when musicians Nick and Nastya found themselves united by the search for a new sound and visual language. What Ic3peak now describe as “futuristic opera and audio-visual experiment” was too strange and alien in the framework of any Moscow scene at the time. They have outgrown the party scene since, and, despite taking on dystopian imagery, are striving to create their own utopia. “Today, when everybody is obsessed with the past, we look straight into the future,” they write in their manifesto. “For us, the beauty is in the struggle to create new symbols and meanings. Screams and noise are both our international languages. Their global-minded DIY ethos, alongside their vocal feminist and pro-LGBT stance, is hardly what you would expect to come out of Russia at this moment in time.


Paralelo is a twenties something musician from Barcelona with a passion for Don Quixote, litterature and wine who created what he calls the New Chivalry Order: inspired by Aleister Crowley, anarchism and knight-errant chivalry. His latest work "Corazón Roto Por Siempre y Orgulloso" is a ten track eccentric minimal synth masterpiece based around the concept of eternal loss and the gift (or curse) of life. First show in Sweden at Kalabalik pĺ Tyrolen 2017 this summer!


Whispering Sons is a Belgian post-punk band formed in 2013. Their dark sound breathes desperation and nervosity, which translates into an ominous atmosphere. Their first EP ‘Endless Party’ was released in December 2015 on Wool-E Tapes and was reissued on vinyl in March 2016 through Minimal Maximal. Both sold out in less than a month. In April 2016, the band won Humo’s Rock Rally, Belgium’s most prestigious music competition.


Producer, composer, songwriter, Montreal's Xarah Dion works on the verge of minimal wave. Dion's well-received first LP Le Mal Nécessaire (2014) brought her to widely tour Europe. The new LP FUGITIVE expands Dion's rich analog sound. With skillfull arrangements, signature melodies, odd rythms and personal tone, FUGITIVE ushers in a vangard yet classic sound.

Further acts to be announced!